NBC Reporter Dismisses Idea of Trump Moving Documents Being Enough For A Warrant

In a recent appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” NBC News intelligence reporter (and CIA useful idiot) Ken Dilanian suggested that the resurfaced viral video showing former President Trump boarding a plane bound for Bedminster while heavy file boxes were being loaded may be “disturbing” but it isn’t enough to justify a search of Trump’s New Jersey club.

The resurfaced video shot just three days after the federal government contacted the former president about missing documents went viral on Twitter recently. It shows Trump boarding a plane in Florida to fly to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster. In the clip, aides are seen loading file boxes onto the plane.

During last Monday’s “Morning Joe,” guest Jonathan Lemire asked Dilanian why the FBI hasn’t conducted a search of Bedminister or other Trump properties like Trump Tower.

Dilanian, one of the perpetrators of the RussiaGate hoax, pointed out that they don’t know the “inner workings” of the Justice Department’s investigation, adding that more is required than just theories that other evidence might be at the additional locations.

“They need actual hard evidence.”

Dilanian noted that the raid on Mar-a-Lago happened only after informants told the FBI there were classified documents there.

He said without evidence of a crime, “you’re trampling someone’s Fourth Amendment rights.”

While he conceded that the video clip was “pretty disturbing,” Dilanian pointed out that social media conspiracy theories aren’t evidence. The FBI would need a witness to step forward and acknowledge that the boxes flown to Bedminster contained classified documents.

Watch the segment HERE.