Netanyahu Suggests Joe Biden Fell Asleep On The Job

( During a 26-minute interview with an Israeli reporter that covered a number of political issues, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took a page from former President Donald Trump’s playbook, and had a little fun at Joe Biden’s expense.

During the interview, which Netanyahu posted to Facebook, the reporter brings up the August Oval Office meeting between Israel’s new Prime Minster Naftali Bennett and President Joe Biden. Netanyahu chuckled at the mention of it and jokingly remarked that President Biden “was very attentive” during the meeting, adding “He dropped his head in agreement.” Then Netanyahu dropped his own head down in a swift motion, mimicking someone falling asleep.

This was the clip Bibi was referring to:

The news media was so aghast that Netanyahu was making fun of Joe Biden, they immediately rushed to the senile old man’s defense – reiterating that the “claim” that Biden fell asleep had been fact-checked and debunked.

They truly are the most humorless people in the world.

Reuters really went to town, explaining to its readers that the clip shown above was “misleadingly cropped” to leave out the part when Joe Biden woke up lifted his head and responded to Bennett.

Of course, nobody claimed Joe Biden had dropped dead. So the fact that he did eventually pick his head back up and say something isn’t exactly a “debunking” of the claim that Biden nodded off.

But that’s hardly the point.

What Netanyahu did there is what people on Planet Earth call “a joke.” Which is probably why Reuters and every other well-I-nevering news outlet was so confused. They don’t do humor, which is precisely the reason Donald Trump drove them insane.

On Tuesday, President Biden had another one of his Oval Office confabs, this time with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. And while he managed to stay awake for this one, Biden was unable to make it through the meeting without his trusty note cards.

A Reuters photographer captured what was written on the top note card which the Daily Mail dutifully enlarged for easy reading.

Did the notes include complicated facts or statistics? No. It was the basic boilerplate greetings and remarks a President says to a visiting dignitary – stuff like “welcome to the White House” and “it’s a pleasure to see you” – those kinds of things.

See the close-up of the picture HERE.