New Bank Launched That Vows To End Cancel Culture

( – Country music star John Rich has announced the creation of a new bank for Americans who have concerns that their existing bank may punish them for exercising their free speech.

Working with conservatives Larry Elder and Dr. Ben Carson, Rich’s new bank will be called Old Glory Bank.

During an interview on John Solomon Reports, Rich pointed out the people who have had their credit cards revoked for attending a protest or posting something on social media that their bank doesn’t support.

He said he joined the effort for an alternative bank after he was approached by “some really smart, patriotic people who come from the banking industry.”

Rich cited the recent trucker’s protest in Canada and how the Canadian government froze the protesters’ bank accounts. He also said the Bank of Brazil was doing something similar to its customers who attended protests.

According to Larry Elder, the Old Glory Bank will offer “full online banking services.”

Elder told John Solomon that Americans who have had their accounts threatened with closure or whose bank embraces values they don’t share would have a home at Old Glory Bank.

Rich said that the financial industry has been weaponized against Americans. He told Solomon that there is a group of “real patriotic Americans” who embrace free speech and wanted to “create a new platform for regular Americans to be able to do their business.”

Rich didn’t say when Old Glory Bank would launch. However, he encouraged Solomon’s listeners to visit its website to reserve an account.

In 2019, JPMorgan Chase came under fire after it closed down the accounts of several conservatives and right-leaning individuals, including Joe Biggs, Proud Boys member Enrique Tarrio, activist Laura Loomer, and artist Martina Markota.

In October, Bank of America canceled the bank account belonging to the popular Twitter conservative @catturd2. No reason was given for closing the account.

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