New Book Exposes Joe Biden’s Private Profits Behind The Scenes

( President Joe Biden can’t do anything to hide the fact that his family has been profiting off of his name for years, and a new book is making it even harder for him to defend the actions of his controversial son, Hunter Biden.

“The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power” by Ben Schreckinger reveals inside accounts and testimonies of how the Bidens rose to power in politics and made huge sums of money in business. An excerpt of the book was published on Monday by The New York Post that focused on how Hunter Biden and Jim Biden used Joe Biden’s name and influence to make money in hedge funds.

The excerpt also revealed how Anthony Lotito, a friend of Jim Biden, worked with Joe Biden’s family members to make as much money as possible while he was actively seeking the Democratic presidential nomination for 2008.

In other words, the book reveals how the Biden family – and their friends – were profiting off of him even before he became vice president.

In court documents, it was revealed how Totito testified that Jim Biden had contacted him when Hunter Biden was working as a lobbyist for William Oldaker, a campaign counsel that was working for his father. He said that the connection would be considered a problem for the campaign, and that business interests would be passed off to Totito to keep them away from the family.

Jim and Hunter Biden, according to the book, denied that the call ever took place – but nonetheless, they did decide to open up a hedge fund together. Hunter and Jim Biden purchased Paradigm Global Advisors can gave Hunter the CEO position.

Schreckinger spoke to the former chief compliance officer for the company who said that the Bidens, including the president’s deceased son Beau Biden, arrived at the company with “a couple of large men” and ordered that the executive fire the sitting president, Stephane Farouze, and install Biden.

The shocking tell-all book, which you can buy here, explains the extent to which the Biden family is willing to go for power and money.

And it’s harder than ever for the president to deny it.