New Database Reveals 6,500 British Figures Who Invested In Slave Trade

( The war on Western history continues, with British taxpayers now being forced to fork out on a new “Dictionary of British Slave Traders.” The project, which was supported by £1 million ($1.3 million) in taxpayer money will name 6,5000 historic British investors and companies that have a link to the slave trade.

The “dictionary” was put together by British historians and will be yet another divisive attempt at shaming white people in Britain and continuing the dismantling of Britain’s pride of its former Empire. An Empire which today exists in the form of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Britain’s first-ever Prime Minister Robert Walpole will be listed in the dictionary, as well as popular brewery Greene King, which produces some of the nation’s favorite beers to this day.

Who wants to bet pubs that sell Greene King will be boycotted once they’re allowed to reopen after lockdown? Or that Greene King will be forced to apologize or pay reparations for its history?

The dictionary will go back 250 years and will name and shame failed investors, small investors, shareholders, and other figures who had some kind of connection to the slave trade.

Isn’t this just putting targets on the backs of businesses that still exist today, or on ancestors of people listed in the database?

The Daily Mail reported how activists hope that the new database will “pressure institutions to act to redress historic wrongs.”

By “redress historic wrongs” we know that means toppling statues, renaming “problematic” institutions, and throwing money at far-left groups like Black Lives Matter.

Left-wing Professor William Pettigrew of the University of Lancaster told British newspaper The Times that the BLM movement had made it “more important that people have a resource of high-quality information to go to obtain data about the breadth of Britain’s involvement in the slave trade.”

What human on earth didn’t know that Great Britain had an involvement in the slave trade? Come on!

Pettigrew also said that identifying investors in the slave trade, rather than just plantation owners, would help expand on an existing “Legacies of British Slave-ownership” project which aims to do exactly the same thing.

Get ready, everyone. There’s about to be a wave of British businesses groveling for forgiveness.