New Details Coming Out About Gabby Petito’s Body

( The hunt for Brian Laundrie, the boyfriend of murdered YouTube star Gabby Petito, is still on. As the FBI continues its weeks of hunting for the man, new information is being revealed about the body of Petito, the 22-year-old social media star whose body was discovered in September.

Petito was reported missing ten days after her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, returned home after driving cross-country with her in a van.

In an interview with popular TV psychologist Dr. Phil, the family of Petito revealed that her body was found “in front of a tent.” Petito’s stepfather and mother said that the body “wasn’t far from the van” that she had been traveling in, and it was a “five-minute walk” away.

Step-father Jim said that the place where the van and her body were found was in the outskirts of Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park, explaining that it was a difficult place to reach. He also said that her body was recovered by authorities from an area of “dispersed campgrounds” around 40 feet from where the park technically begins and that campers need to cross over a creek bed to get to it.

“It was in an area where there was a few trees and there was the remnants of a fire ring there…There was a clearing where I would assume – knowing I have a similar tent, where I would place my tent – and that opening would face out overlooking the mountain range,” he explained.

He also told Dr. Phil that he had left a stone cross and flowers on the site where her body was discovered.

Petito’s boyfriend Laundrie is not only being chased by the authorities but also by well-known bounty hunter “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

He is wanted for questioning in relation to the murder.