New Poll Reveals Majority Of Democrats Want Socialism

( A recent poll from Fox News found that socialism is preferred over capitalism by a staggering 59 percent of registered Democrats. That is a significant increase from February 2020 when 40 percent of Democrats had a favorable view of socialism.

The new poll found that only 31 percent of Democrats have an unfavorable view of socialism while 44 percent have an unfavorable view of capitalism.

This is what happens when American children are sentenced to twelve years of Marxist indoctrination masquerading as “education,” then head off to university for another four years of Marxist garbage.

Rather than getting a cold shock of reality when these students graduate and head into the real world, they simply brought all that Marxist garbage into the real world with them. The campus Marxist culture and public school indoctrination mill has metastasized throughout the country as a whole.

The former Safe Space/Trigger Warning/Marxist-indoctrinated college students are now working in every industry in the nation – from the corporate news media to major corporations to the Federal bureaucracy.

They are getting elected to Congress and appointed to positions of authority in the Justice Department, the Pentagon, the White House and every other department of the Federal government.

As radio host Jesse Kelly tweeted last week, while Republicans fretted about tax cuts and ignored the fight for our culture, “the communists were creating a pipeline between academia and the bureaucracy.”

This is how you get a Congress actually considering a $3.5 TRILLION “human infrastructure” bill that expands the welfare state, redistributes wealth and undermines liberty.

Ten years ago a bill that is pretty much Bernie Sanders’ socialist dream never would have made it out of a single committee. Neither would that $1.2 Trillion “bipartisan infrastructure bill.” But now, in 2021, nineteen Republican Senators voted to pass that bill without a moment’s hesitation.

The Republican Party is failing to stop the rise of communism because they still don’t seem to understand what has happened. Instead, Republicans bleat about socialism thinking the label will damage Democrats.

But thanks to decades of Marxist infiltration into every institution, in today’s environment, “socialism” is no longer the dirty word Republicans think it is. Instead, “socialism” has become the preferred system of government among a large percentage of the Democrat Party.