New Poll Reveals Top Republican Leading In Key Race

( According to new reports, Republican Senator Mike Lee is on the path to winning re-election in his state in 2022. The incumbent senator, according to a new Utah Public Opinion Pulse survey that was released last week, revealed how 45% of voters are planning on supporting him in the next election.

He is not just facing a challenge from the Democrats, but also from Republican primary challengers who want to take his job. Contenders Brendan Wright and former state Rep. Becky Edwards took only 3% support in the poll, with Ally Isom receiving only 2% support.

The fact that Lee is leading in the Republican primary race is a good indicator that he is going to win the ultimate senate race. This has been the pattern for decades, as a Democrat has not won the Senate seat since 1970.

Lee’s support seems to be predominantly self-proclaimed conservatives and Republicans, and male voters in particular. That means the rest of the candidates are battling for young, moderate, and female voters.

OH Predictive Insights issued a full release showing the results and said that while Lee does not have more than 50% support, he is “well ahead: of all of his opponents.

Lee’s support is over 40 points greater than his closest opponents, and is still expected to win even though he is lagging in support among more liberal Republicans and urban voters.

52% of men support Lee, as well as 56% of Fox News viewers and 55% of “conservative Republicans.”

If any other candidate were to beath him, supporters would need to coalesce around one other candidate – and that has yet to happen.