New Report Suggests Most Americans Think Feds Involved In January 6th

( — The majority of Americans believe the federal government was involved in the events of January 6th, 2021, in Washington, DC. Riots occurred on Capitol Hill following a fiery speech by Donald Trump in which the former President insisted the Presidential election was rigged against him. Protestors marched toward Congress and breached Capitol buildings. Democrats immediately labeled the events a “deadly insurrection.” A poll by Rasmussen reveals that 65% of US voters believe that federal government agents deliberately provoked the incident to demonize Donald Trump and his supporters.

Surprisingly, a majority of Democrats, 59%, believe the same. Just 12% thought it “not at all likely.”

The causes of the widespread skepticism include the publication of previously-unseen video footage from inside Capitol buildings on the day. Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy provided 49,000 hours of footage to then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson in February. The footage revealed that the so-called QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley told the truth when he said he was guided around Congress by uniformed police. Chansley was jailed for almost four years for his part in the events but was released after the video footage was published. However, officials did not connect Chansley’s release to the tapes.

A second source of suspicion is testimony by Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund alleging that senior officials scuppered attempts to make Congress buildings more secure. Sund asked House and Senate security officers to allow him to request backup from the National Guard, but this was refused. Sund later stated that House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving expressed discomfort at the prospect of declaring an emergency and did not like the optics of doing so.

Furthermore, a Washington Post article stated that protestors had arrived at the Capitol at 12.40 pm. Trump however did not finish his speech until after 1 pm and it would have taken 45 minutes to walk from there to the site of the riots.

The percentage of people who believe the federal government was involved has risen by 4% since March.

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