New Rule Will Change Election Districts

( On Thursday, Iowa legislators approved a brand-new congressional map, which means that representatives will have different constituencies.

The Des Moines Register reported that the new map appears to maintain the current state of affairs in Iowa, and will need to be approved by Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds now that it has been approved by both chambers in the state legislature.

The outlet reported that the proposed map was developed by the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency, and it includes a Republican stronghold and three swing districts that were won by former President Donald Trump by just a handful of points.

State House Speaker Pat Grassley, a Republican, said that the redistricting process in her state has once again proven to be the “gold standard” in producing a “nonpartisan, fair map for the people of Iowa.”

She added that the repeated accusations from Democrats were trying to gerrymander – change the map to benefit Republican candidates – has proven to be “fear-mongering.”

Incredibly, Democratic Senate Leader Zach Wahls praised the results of the redistricting process, saying that the new map is a “win for all Iowans who care about our government & about our ability to come together, solve problems, & improve people’s lives.”

But when Democrats say “come together” we all know that they mean “vote Democrat.”

If the Democrats love this new Iowa map so much, it raises some questions about whether this is really just advantageous to their state-wide campaign…

We’ll soon see.