New Stimulus Checks Sent To Citizens In Massachusetts

( On Monday, Massachusetts began sending out another round of $500 checks to low-income workers as part of the second round of stimulus payments provided by the state’s “COVID-19 Essential Employee Premium Pay” program.

Did we suddenly go back in time to 2020?

The $500 checks, which will be sent to about 300,000 low-income workers, are part of a program the state’s legislature established through the funding it received from Biden’s inflation-creating American Rescue Plan.

So brace yourself, Massachusetts. Your inflation woes are about to get worse.

The American Rescue Plan is the inflation gift that keeps on giving.

In boasting about another round of COVID-related stimulus payments, Massachusetts House Speaker Ron Mariano said on Twitter that the “essential workers” that helped keep Massachusetts running during the pandemic lockdowns “deserve nothing less.”

That was two years ago! Why is Massachusetts still shelling out money to some “essential workers” two years later?

The only people who qualify for this $500 “bonus” are those who earned at least $13,500, but remain below 300 percent of the federal poverty level.

In short, a single person who made $38,640 last year or a couple earning $52,260 will qualify for a check.

Here’s the odd part.

“Throuples” also qualify if the three of them earn less than $66,880. “Quadrouples,” or four people, qualify as well if their combined income is lower than $79,500.

Are there a lot of throuples and quadrouples in Massachusetts?

It is unequivocal that Biden’s American Rescue Plan fueled the current inflation crisis in the United States. Pouring $1.9 trillion onto an already heated economy was bound to send inflation through the roof. The only person who doesn’t grasp that yet is Joe Biden.

But even now, states are still dumping “stimulus” money into the economy.

Massachusetts isn’t the only one. Maine and New Mexico are also offering stimulus payments to eligible residents as a way to help them through the current inflation.

That’s like adding gasoline to a house fire.