New Zealand DELAYS ELECTION Over COVID Outbreak

( New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Monday that she had moved to delay the nation’s general election by a month, following a resurgence of coronavirus cases. The country had been celebrating the total wipeout of the virus until recently when cases began to occur and increase once more.

Unlike President Trump, who was widely criticized for even suggesting that it might be wise to delay the election, Prime Minister Ardern has been widely praised for deciding to delay the country’s biggest electoral exercise.

The election, which was expected to take place on September 19, will be delayed until October 17.

Ardern, the leader of the left-wing New Zealand Labour Party, is fighting to be re-elected to a second term. She warned that the election could be delayed five days ago, and seems to have gained support from people across the political spectrum. American Democrats suggested that Trump was behaving like a dictator when he made a similar suggestion, but the people of New Zealand have praised the Prime Minister for expressing “care and concern” for the nation’s voters.

Remember that this is a much smaller country than the United States, and a month is a long time that could assist them in driving down the spread of the virus significantly. With around 5 million people in the country, it’s significantly easier to re-implement some lockdown or social distancing measures to help get the infection rate down before the new election date in October.

Ardern made the announcement in a virtual press conference, announcing that the new election date would give parties the chance to “plan around the range of circumstances we will be campaigning under.”

“This decision gives all parties time over the next nine weeks to campaign and the Electoral Commission enough time to ensure an election can go ahead,” she explained.

The Prime Minister also said that that there is “absolutely no intention” for any further delays beyond the already agreed extension.

Instead of working with the president to make the election safe, and doing so in a bipartisan way like they did in New Zealand, the Democrats are still attacking President Trump and complaining about the lack of mail-in voting.

Why is it that people can safely go to the grocery store but not to a polling station? Genuine question.