Newt Gingrich Issues TRUMP Warning – Reveals The Problem

Newt Gingrich Issues Warning About Trump

( – During last week’s Midterm elections, nationwide, the electoral tsunami Republicans were expecting failed to materialize.

As it stands, Republicans are on track to gain the slimmest majority in the House, with most outlets projecting the GOP will secure 219 seats (218 is required for a majority). Meanwhile, the Senate stands at 50 Democrats and 49 Republicans with Georgia’s Senate seat pending until the runoff.

With the high-profile losses among former President Donald Trump’s Senate picks, some in Trump’s inner circle reportedly suggested that Trump postpone his 2024 announcement scheduled for Tuesday, November 15 at least until after the December 6 runoff in Georgia.

Other Republicans, believing that Trump’s high-profile defeats had wounded him, began to look at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who handily defeated Democrat Charlie Crist by nearly a 20-point margin, as the future of the Republican Party.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Just the News on Wednesday that he believed the former president was probably “rethinking and reappraising” running for the Republican nomination in 2024, adding that he doesn’t see a scenario where Ron DeSantis decides not to throw his hat into the ring.

Gingrich said he had received emails from several people that want someone other than Donald Trump to run, who “literally overnight” decided that Ron DeSantis should be that person.

When asked if he thinks Trump would follow through with announcing another run or if he was thinking his time had passed, Gingrich said he thinks Trump is a “very, very smart man.” After all the rallies he held, Gingrich added, Trump must be very disappointed, especially since he went into Election Day believing it would be a “huge success.”

Gingrich said he suspected that Trump is “going through the same kind of rethinking and reappraising that I’m going through.”

He told Just the News that after election day, Trump is probably thinking he could beat DeSantis in a primary. But, he added, would Trump be able to win in the general election?

Gingrich doesn’t believe Trump would want to run for president just to lose again in the general.

Trump’s announcement went ahead as planned on Tuesday, November 15th. Time will tell whether the early announcement helps or hinders his campaign.

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