Newt Gingrich Says “Assume That The Machine Will Steal” Votes

( — During a recent interview on Fox News, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich made a series of unsupported claims about election fraud, Mediaite reported.

During an appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Gingrich and host Maria Bartiromo were discussing election integrity with Trafalgar polling founder Robert Cahaly.

Bartiromo asked Cahaly if Trafalgar factors in possible voter fraud when conducting its polls.

Cahaly said Trafalgar has to “look back at the last few years” to determine how many votes appear to be “untraceable,” namely people who are listed as voting that can’t be contacted. He said Trafalgar builds its model based on how many “untraceable” votes are likely to happen, adding that most of those voters “vote one way.”

Bartiromo then asked Gingrich if he thinks Republicans are doing enough to make sure the 2024 election is “free and fair.”

Gingrich said he thinks that under current election laws, it is “almost impossible” to make sure an election is accurate. He said the only strategy Republicans can have is to run on issues that would allow them to win by a big enough margin that they can still win despite the Democrat Party’s “passion for stealing” elections.

Gingrich added that in deep blue states like California, New York, or Illinois, it can be assumed that the Democrat Party machine is going to “steal as much as it can.”

As an example of how the Democrat machine operates, the former speaker described how Democrats use service unions whose members work in nursing homes to get the elderly, some of whom “literally don’t cognitively know what they’re doing,” to vote for Democrats “no matter what their personal beliefs were.”

It is unclear why Fox News would allow Maria Bartiromo to discuss election fraud on her show, given that she was one of the Fox hosts named in Dominion’s defamation lawsuit against the network.

In a December 2020 broadcast, Bartiromo claimed that she spoke with a source in intelligence who told her that there was voter fraud in 2020 and Trump won the election.

While the Dominion suit was settled in April, Bartiromo is also named in the ongoing lawsuit against Fox News brought by another voting machine company, Smartmatic.

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