Nicolle Wallace Want Fox News To Issue Cease And Desist

( Russian state-run media has been airing segments of the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace is stunned that Fox News hasn’t instructed its lawyers to send the Kremlin a cease and desist letter to stop state-run broadcasters from airing the clips.

What now?

How would that work exactly?

During her “Deadline: White House” show on Monday, Wallace expressed dismay that the Kremlin was using Tucker Carlson to justify its invasion of Ukraine and demanded to know why Fox hasn’t done anything to stop it.

Nicolle, bless her heart, told her guest that when she worked on political campaigns, if they used a clip from a news broadcast in a campaign ad, they would get cease and desist letters from lawyers demanding they stop using the clips.

One time in 2004 or maybe it was 2008, the campaign Nicolle was working on used a clip from an interview Tim Russert did with their candidate. NBC News didn’t want Russert used in political ads, so they sent a cease and desist letter to get the campaign to stop.

And for the life of her, Nicolle can’t figure out why Fox News isn’t doing the same thing – sending a letter to the Kremlin telling them not to air segments from Fox’s highest-rated host.

The Kremlin invaded a sovereign nation and is bombing civilian population centers, killing women and children. Does this idiot think the Kremlin would read the letter Fox’s attorneys and say, “Oh, golly! We didn’t realize. Pull those segments of Tucker, guys!”

But Nicolle’s guest, Bloomberg opinion columnist Bobby Ghosh, agreed. He said if it was true that Fox News had failed to have their lawyers send a cease and desist order to the Kremlin, it was “egregious.”

Watch the laughable exchange HERE.