Nigel Farage Says “Climate Lockdowns” Are Coming

( — Brexit leader Nigel Farage is warning that “climate lockdowns” will soon engulf England, if not much of the Western world, according to The National Pulse. His comments come as Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, imposed anti-vehicular policies designed to limit vehicle usage while citing “climate change” as a danger posed to humanity if something proactive is not done.

Khan tweeted last week that both pollution and heat are a “dangerous combination” and advised Londoners, who must pay £12.50 per day to drive in the capitol, to stay off the roads and limit burning wood and garden waste. Farage suggested that these policies are not going to end with “20-mile-an-hour zones and low-traffic neighborhoods.” Instead, he continued, they are the start of climate lockdowns where people will be told what and what not to do.

In a report from last year, Khan was deliberating numerous proposals to deal with climate change. They included charging people for how far they drive, which has been struck down as unrealistic for the foreseeable future, and charging drivers who enter the city but are not from there.

The policies from Khan are not entirely popular. His “Ultra Low Emission Zone” policy of charging residents £12.50 per day to drive is negatively affecting some of those who are already financially strapped. One father, Paul Bates, from North London, said that he will not be able to see his nine-year-old daughter as often because of it. The law led to him folding his construction business almost a year ago when he could not pay his staff and fees for “non-compliant vans.”

For Bates, it is the £25, gas fees, and tolls per weekend that add up. He said that his relationship with his daughter is strained because of Khan, who has “taken it upon himself to destroy many businesses, relationships.”

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