Nikki Haley Says If China Takes Taiwan, “It’s All Over”

( Nikki Haley, the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations and wannabe GOP presidential nominee, said this week that China is hell-bent on dominating the world and that if the country takes Taiwan, it’s game over.

During a discussion with the Republican Study Committee this week, Haley warned that if the Chinese Communist Party successfully takes control of Taiwan, then the authoritarian government will be emboldened to use its growing economic and military power to take over other parts of the world.

China isn’t just a communist country, but a nation with a radical, dangerous government that would like nothing more than to see the end of Western democracy and capitalism.

And the United States is relying on President Joe Biden to stand up to them…terrifying, right?

Haley warned in the closed-door meeting that the United States must do more to take on China, and said that it should start with a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics that are due to take place in Beijing. A number of boycott options have been proposed by Republicans and Democrats alike, but most appear unwilling to go as far as withdrawing U.S. competitors entirely.

During a meeting with Republican lawmakers, Haley said that the last Olympics hosted in China in 2008 was their “coming out,” and an introduction to the world. The next Olympics, she claimed, is China’s way of proving that they are now the “superpower” of the globe.

The meeting took place in the Capitol Building’s basement. She insisted behind closed doors that if the United States doesn’t boycott the Olympics, or take measures to call out China, then Taiwan is next – and once Taiwan is gone, it is “all over” because China will believe that they can take any territory.

Naturally, she also used the opportunity to slam the Biden administration’s policy on China so far.

It sounds a lot like Nikki Haley is trying to win favor among the Republican Party by appearing as a strong leader, and by echoing many of President Donald Trump’s talking points. But if she wants to become the next GOP Republican presidential candidate, she should probably expect to face a lot of harsh questioning over her refusal to stand with the former president during his efforts to ensure election integrity after last year’s election.