North Korea Accused Of Launching Cyberattack To Steal Vaccine Info

( A shocking statement from South Korea revealed how the secretive, communist state of North Korea “hacked” pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. to obtain information about the COVID-19 vaccine and other treatments. Lawmakers from South Korea delivered the news to the world’s press after a briefing from the nation’s spy agency.

On Tuesday, the National Intelligence Service described how “Pfizer got hacked.”

Lawmaker Ha Tae-keung spoke to Reuters, explaining the nature of the hacks as “attempts to steal COVID vaccine and treatment technology during cyberattacks.”

Reuters reported that Ha did not elaborate further on whether the hacking attempt was successful. There has also been no comment from Pfizer’s Asia and South Korea offices.

Back in January, the European Medicines Agency also reported how some data connected to the Pfizer COVID vaccine had leaked on the internet after another cyberattack. Pfizer revealed that while their documents had been shared online, none of their systems had been directly breached.

The National Intelligence Service confirmed that North Korean cyberattacks were foiled during the development of the COVID vaccines.

In November, Microsoft revealed that North Korean and Russian hackers had targeted a number of major pharmaceutical and technology companies working on COVID treatments and vaccines.

North Korea has a long history of hacking, and the latest attempts signify the nation’s desperation to find treatment options and vaccines as the country struggles through its worst economic crisis in decades. While the isolated country claims that there have been no cases of COVID-19 within its borders, after shutting off most trade and travel to surrounding countries, officials from other major countries have long doubted that the country has not struggled during the pandemic.

North Korea is not only suffering an economic crisis, but its antiquated medical system would quickly become overburdened if COVID-19 became a serious pandemic in the country. The true infection numbers in the country are currently not known.

Ha Tae-keung, the South Korean opposition lawmaker, also told the press that trade between North Korea and China fell by as much as 99% over the last year. North Korea is also expected to face a crop shortage of one million tons, with demand reaching almost 6 million tons.

Communist dictator Kim Jong Un publicly admitted to the nation’s energy problems earlier this month, too, blaming his top officials.