North Korea’s Nuclear Program Turns Into Emergency

( The International Atomic Energy Agency, a United Nations watchdog, has reported that the communist North Korean dictatorship is moving forward with its nuclear program despite continued U.N. sanctions. The agency said that North Korea’s nuclear program is a “cause for serious concern,” and noted that negotiations on denuclearization in the isolated country have been on hold for two years.

“The continuation of the DPRK’s nuclear programme is a clear violation of relevant UN Security Council resolutions and is deeply regrettable,” the IAEA’s Director General Rafael Grossi said during a press conference this week following a meeting with the agency’s board of governors.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is notoriously hesitant to negotiate with external governments, most notably the West, though former President Donald Trump came closer than any Western politician when he became the first American president to step foot in North Korea in summer 2019.

Grossi told the press that the U.N.’s atomic agency was intensifying its preparations to “play its essential role in verifying North Korea’s nuclear programme.”

The communist dictatorship conducted its most recent nuclear tests in 2016. In 2017, the country’s main nuclear testing facility in Punggye-ri and tunnels surrounding the facility were destroyed in an effort to show the West that they would commit to ending nuclear testing.

Dictator Kim Jong Un, however, has since called for the continuation of the program following the collapse of peace talks. Kim will mark his 10th year as leader of North Korea in December. In January 2020, Kim said he would ramp up “state defence capabilities on a much higher level” and revealed a new ballistic missile that can be launched from a submarine.

The IAEA is unable to physically enter North Korea, but activity at known nuclear testing sites is being monitored through intelligence officials and satellite technology.

As a result of their investigations, the IAEA has reportedly discovered the construction of a cooling water facility and an experimental light water reactor being tested in the last few months of 2020.

With sanctions unlikely to be lifted any time soon, and a former vice president who made no headway on peace with North Korea now in the White House, there appears to be little reason for North Korea to comply with United Nations guidelines.