NSA Investigates Itself Over Tucker Carlson Allegations, Claims It Did Nothing Wrong When Spying

(PatriotWise.com)- The United States justice system is specifically designed to ensure that a jury of a person’s peers can make a decision based on the facts and the evidence about whether or not a person is guilty of a crime. It’s designed that way to ensure that there is no bias. And you’d think that same level of detail would be paid to an internal investigation at the National Security Agency, wouldn’t you?

Well, apparently not. Rather than allowing an independent investigation to take place over claims that the NSA spied on Fox News Tucker Carlson, the federal agency recently tried to dismiss claims that they spied on Carlson by releasing the results of their own internal report.

So the NSA confirms that the NSA did nothing wrong. And we’re meant to believe that?

On Friday, two people reportedly familiar with the matter told The Record that Carlson’s communications were not targeted by the NSA or intercepted through “incidental collection” as claimed, but that Carlson was actually mentioned in communications between third parties. His name was also reportedly “unmasked,” which is a process whereby a government official can request and reveal the identities of American citizens who are included in intelligence reports.

Which sounds an awful lot like the NSA was taking an active interest in Carlson…

The NSA claimed that their internal investigation found that they “did nothing wrong,” as The National File puts it.

A spokesman for Fox News said that for the NSA to unmask Carlson or any other journalist working to find a newsworthy interview is “unacceptable” and that it raises serious questions about what the NSA is doing – including their original denial, which was entirely misleading.

Carlson was originally made aware that the NSA was reading his private communications after a government whistleblower contacted him.

Do CNN reporters get spied on by the NSA like this?