Is Ocasio-Cortez Behind a Giant Hoax!?

Ocasio-Cortez Is Spreading Conspiracy Theories About Elon Musk

( – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an extreme member of the left, recorded herself eating chicken dippers and making unfounded accusations that Elon Musk is trying to censor her account after being publicly ridiculed by Musk the day before for complaining about the possibility of Twitter implementing a monthly verification fee of $8.

After asserting that her alerts were no longer functioning, AOC claimed that her account had disappeared.

“I pulled the Twitter app, and now it’s like gone,” she babbled on and on, leaving the impression that she was entirely out of her mind. “Like, when you pull up your mentions and stuff, it’s just like, literally, a blank screen,” she said.

“Totally gone,” She said.

She said that at that point, she was thinking, “Hmm, that’s weird.” She said she felt it appeared that she managed to get under the skin of a certain little billionaire.

Musk lambasted AOC for complaining about an $8 cost while selling her stuff with outrageous pricing, including sweaters for $58.

AOC has stated that she is “proud” of the merchandise she is selling and has claimed that the money will help disadvantaged children. (With her persecution complex, and childlike mind, she could very well be legally speaking about herself.)

Meanwhile, over at Twitter, CEO and co-founder Elon Musk has ordered the company’s headquarters to be shut down and has informed staff members that they would be receiving emails today indicating whether or not they still have jobs.

After having previously indicated that he will not tolerate employees “phoning it in,” reports imply that Musk intends to lay off half of the workforce.

According to reports released on Thursday, Twitter’s “days of rest” for staff are now a thing of the past under the company’s new owner.

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter started providing one company-wide paid rest day per month in addition to regular paid time off. The goal of the policy was to lessen employee burnout.

However, Musk removed upcoming “days of relaxation” from Twitter’s calendar this week, according to persons familiar with the matter. Musk made a move as he quickly changed Twitter’s workplace atmosphere after finalizing his $44 billion company purchase last week.

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