Ocasio-Cortez Faces Legal Action For Blocking Someone On Twitter

(PatriotWise.com) — Far-left democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing legal action after blocking someone on social media when she claimed she was being harassed, according to Business Insider. Right-wing commentator, Alex Stein, working for TheBlazeTV, had filmed himself on the Capitol steps in June 2022 telling AOC that she was his favorite “big booty Latina.”

In the lawsuit, Stein alleges that AOC liked the comments because she held up a peace sign at him in response, but that she changed her mind when she realized he was not a supporter. He also yelled that she wanted to “kill babies.” Now, Stein is suing her saying that she had violated his First Amendment rights by blocking him.

The suit is citing Knight First Amendment Institute v. Donald J. Trump, in which it was ruled that Trump violated the First Amendment when he blocked someone on his official account. The ruling reportedly established that a personal account could become official if it is used for business. But this ruling is countered by another that says that personal accounts sometimes posting official business can be exempt.

Stein’s lawyer argues that he is trying to engage in discourse with the representative. But Ocasio-Cortez has accused Stein of trying to become famous with his extremism. She also blamed the Capitol Police for not doing anything to protect her when he made his comments to her.

She was subsequently asked why she had walked over to him and held up the peace sign if he was harassing her, to which she responded that she was initially going to punch him in the face before she decided that that would not be the best course of action.

This is not the first time the congresswoman was sued for blocking individuals on Twitter. She settled a suit in 2018 after blocking former Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

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