Ocasio-Cortez Raises Over $300k To Overthrow Texas Law

(PatriotWise.com)- On Friday, far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed that she had raised over $300,000 as part of an effort to overturn legislation in Texas that was passed by democratically elected legislators. The controversial congresswoman said that the money had been raised by her email list and through social media campaigns and that it would be used to help Texas “abortion rights” groups that want to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision not to block the legitimate law.

AOC has strongly condemned the new legislation that stops abortion clinics from performing the procedure on fetuses that are older than six weeks and have a heartbeat. The legislation is a compromise between pro-“choice” and pro-life groups and ensures that unborn children with a heartbeat cannot be murdered in “health” clinics across the state.

The New York congresswoman claimed that the Supreme Court and GOP are performing a “coordinated attack” on Roe v. Wade and “abortion rights,” even though the Supreme Court is simply upholding the law and is not a political operation.

She claimed in a tweet that the “gutting” of Roe v. Wade “imperils every menstruating person in the US.”

Notice how she didn’t say “women.” Apparently men can give birth, now.

AOC, who claims to be a feminist who wants to “empower” women, used her social media to mock Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska and the first woman to be a vice-presidential candidate on a major political ticket, while also promoting her fund.

She said that she had set up a website and a hotline that leads users to donate to “abortion and reproductive health care providers in Texas,” where the money may ultimately be used to help pay fines and allow clinics to continue providing abortions after six weeks.

What kind of feminists advocates the murder of female babies in the womb, and mocks Sarah Palin for defending those babies?