Occupy Democrats Leaders Accused of Money Funneling

The founders of the left-wing Occupy Democrats have been accused of funneling money from their political action committee to themselves.

Last Sunday, Hamish Mitchell of African Wildlife Adventures, accused Omar and Rafael Rivero, the founders of the activist group, of mismanaging donations they’d collected.

Mitchel tweeted that while the Occupy Democrats Election Fund run by Omar Rivero raised $797,000 in 2021/2022, the PAC spent nothing on federal candidates but it did spend $577,000 on “fundraising consultants.”

And just who are the “fundraising consultants?”

According to the FEC filings that Mitchell provided, one of the consultants, Blue Deal LLC, was paid $220,000 from Occupy Democrats Election Fund.

Blue Deal LLC sells “campaign materials and promotional products to Democrat campaigns and Progressive organizations.” And the people who run Blue Deal LLC are Omar and Rafael Rivero.

Mitchell called out Omar Rivero asking him to explain the payment.

Initially, Rivero replied to Mitchell’s tweet, arguing that if Mitchell “understood the time and effort that goes into making viral memes,” maybe he would “respect our work more.” However, this reply prompted so much ridicule and mockery, Rivero eventually deleted it.

Their “viral memes” aren’t worth a plug nickel.

For example, last week when President Biden searched the crowd for Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, who was killed in a car accident two months ago, Occupy Democrats tweeted their disgust that Jackie Walorski (who is dead) disrespected President Biden by not showing up at the White House event and noted that she couldn’t even be reached for comment “about her act of defiance.”

Yes, that’s because she is dead.

You’d think if making “viral memes” really did take a lot of time and effort, Occupy Democrats would have noodled out ahead of time that Jackie Walorski wasn’t there because she had been dead for two months.

It was only after countless people replied to the tweet informing them Walorski was dead that Occupy Democrats finally deleted it.

The bigger scandal here is that anyone would give these nitwits a single dime.

In an interview with Newsweek last Tuesday, Rafael Rivero claimed a “clerical error” was to blame for people “jumping to conclusions” about Occupy Democrats’ finances.

To quote a viral meme, “Sure, Jan.”