On Monday, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas over its new redistricting map claiming the plans discriminate against black and Hispanic voters. Because apparently, the Justice Department believes blacks and Hispanics should not be living in districts that also contain white people. The lawsuit, filed in the Western District of Texas, alleges that Texas’ redistricting map violates part of the Voting Rights Act. On its face, the lawsuit is laughable. But this is what you get when you appoint radical Leftists who can’t see beyond the color of someone’s skin. In a press conference announcing the ridiculous lawsuit, Leftist Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta claimed that for decades, Texas state Republicans have drawn district maps that don’t give black, Latino, and Asian “communities” the opportunity “to choose their own representatives.” In other words, Vanita believes black, Latino, or Asian voters should only be allowed to vote for someone who looks like them. Gupta claims Texas draws these maps to “minimize the voting rights” of minorities in the state. Do the redistricting plans prevent minorities from voting? Of course not. Vanita Gupta just can’t imagine a world in which people vote for a candidate rather than a skin color. One of the districts they’re upset about, Texas #23, is 62 percent Hispanic and both the Democrat and Republican Congressional candidates are … wait for it … Hispanic. But somehow forcing Hispanics to choose between two Hispanic candidates “dilutes” their voting power. It’s utter nonsense. The reality is, Texas Hispanics are abandoning the Democrat Party in droves. Vanita Gupta and the rest of the racialists in the Biden administration are using the lawsuit as a way to bolster the Democrats’ chances in Texas. It isn’t about “voting rights” or “diluting the strength of minority voters.” It’s about getting Democrats elected to Congress and maintaining power. In short, this lawsuit is a political move, not a legal one. Meanwhile, blue states like Illinois and New York are creating a crazy quilt of districts to make it impossible for Republicans to win. In Nevada, Democrats specifically diluted the Hispanic vote by dividing the communities into separate districts. But you won’t hear a peep from the Biden Department of Justice over any of that.

(PatriotWise.com)- Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy and her husband Sean Duffy have released a new book called All American Christmas which is a compilation of essays from Fox News hosts who recount their favorite Christmas memories and stories.

Among the contributors are Maria Bartiromo, Steve Doocy, Peter Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, Janice Dean, Geraldo Rivera, Lawrence Jones, Dana Perino, Bill Hemmer, Emily Compagno, Sandra Smith, John Roberts, John Rich, Lauren Green, Jesse Watters, Charles Payne, Brit Hume, Bret Baier, Shannon Bream, and Martha MacCallum.

On Monday, Fox News published an excerpt from Geraldo Rivera’s essay in which he describes how his family celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah — or “Chrismukkah.”

Geraldo’s father Cruz Rivera was a devout Roman Catholic from Puerto Rico. His mother was from a very religious conservative Jewish family in New Jersey. And since his parents came from very different worlds, Geraldo grew up celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah.

He writes that at first, it was a struggle for his family to find the right balance between his Catholic father and Jewish mother, but eventually, they got it sorted out. And while he concedes his family’s holiday tradition wasn’t very traditional, it did reflect who they were as a family. And in the end, their holidays were “filled with a lot of expressions of love” which Geraldo says is what the season is all about.

For several years, Geraldo writes, the one thing he wanted more than anything else was a Lionel train set. To him, nothing is more American than a train circling the Christmas tree. But his father didn’t make a lot of money working in restaurants and driving a cab, so it took several years before his parents were able to afford to get him the Lionel train set he so longed for. But eventually, he got it.

Geraldo writes, “I ran the hell out of that train.” And every few years, he’d get more train cars to add to his set. He writes that he was just as excited when he bought a train set for his grandson.