OSU Students Required To Address Their White, Heterosexual Privileges in a Health Course

(PatriotWise.com) — The Ohio State University’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences requires students seeking a degree in health care to take part in assignments and discussions on gender and race, including one course that requires white heterosexual students to confront their so-called privilege, Fox News reported.

The organization Do No Harm, a group of medical professionals who seek to keep “radical, divisive, and discriminatory ideology” out of the healthcare industry, obtained documents detailing OSU’s “Individual Difference in Patient/Client Populations” course that was offered this fall semester.

During one assignment, dubbed “Unpack the Invisible Knapsack,” students were to select a specific knapsack like “White Privilege,” “Heterosexual Privilege,” or “Able-Bodied Privilege” and consider how far they could go in life with the amount of privilege they possess and how their lives would be if they had more or less of that privilege.

The curriculum was initially developed from a 1989 essay by anti-racist feminist Peggy McIntosh titled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.”

The course received a grant from the Affordable Learning Exchange, which awards grants to teachers looking to “transform their courses using open and affordable materials.”

In addition to unpacking their privileged knapsack, students are also required to watch the documentary “White People” and then detail what the term “white” means to them and why the phrase Black Lives Matter “triggers some white Americans.”

Dr. Stanley Golfarb of Do No Harm told Fox News that OSU’s Health Sciences curriculum highlights a trend in American universities to adopt “divisive and political ideologies” designed to indoctrinate students.

Goldfarb asserted that universities should avoid “veering into polarizing debates” that have nothing to do with “health care’s core values” and instead “prioritize equipping future health care providers” with the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to provide the best care to patients.

In a statement to Fox, OSU spokesman Ben Johnson claimed that the university supports freedom of expression and academic freedom and seeks to foster an environment “where all viewpoints are welcome and respected.”

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