Outdoor Exercise Randomly BANNED To Supposedly “Stop” COVID

(PatriotWise.com)- Despite the fact that fresh air and exercise are shown to be beneficial in the fight against coronavirus, in the Philippine capital of Manila, outdoor exercise has been banned as part of the city’s lockdown to combat COVID.

And last Wednesday, the chief of the Philippine National Police ordered officers to “strictly enforce” the ban. In a statement Chief Guillermo Eleazar said that the prohibition on all outdoor activities imposed by Metro Manila mayors must be enforced by police “for the welfare of all.”

Local commanders are to “disperse information” about the outdoor prohibitions via a community awareness and information program called Oplan Bandillo that enables police forces to use megaphones and sound systems to blast their messages to people in communities.

Let’s not give Bill de Blasio any ideas guys.

On Monday the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority passed a resolution imposing a 2-week ban on outdoor exercise cross the capitol ostensibly to “ensure the safety of the people.” This despite the fact that transmission of COVID is exceedingly rare outside.

This ban expands the already onerous “Enhanced Community Quarantine” restrictions throughout Manila that were launched on August 6. Allegedly these restrictions will remain in place only until August 20.

Metro Manila, cited as the most densely-populated city in 2019, is home to 13.5 million people. The “Enhanced Community Quarantine” and the outdoor activity ban are designed to curb high rates of infection. However, the restrictions run counter to the advice of health experts who maintain that transmission of COVID is largely reduced by being outdoors.

Even the World Health Organization has said that the best way to maintain good air circulation is to be outdoors. Being indoors increases the risk of transmission especially if there is not good air airflow.

But rather than encourage people to follow WHO guidelines that encourage people to spend time outdoors and avoid confined places with poor air circulation, Manila is ordering the exact opposite.

It’s almost as if this isn’t about “science” at all.