Over One THOUSAND Dem Delegates Voted AGAINST Party Platform

(FreedomJournal.org)- As the Democrats attempt to show a united front, despite much of the party being significantly more radical than Joe Biden ever has been, the sheer number of delegates who voted against the official party platform shows just how divided they really are.

Reports suggest a substantial rift within the Democratic Party, with far-left and younger supporters in the party still not happy with the party’s radical shift to the left, and traditional Democrat supporters angry at how extreme the party has become. Biden can’t win!

According to Fox News, out of the 5,000 Democrat delegates at their national convention, more than one thousand voted against the party’s official policies. The number was close to 25% of all delegates, meaning almost a quarter of Democrat delegates don’t even support the policies they advocated during their convention and which Biden is promising to enact should he win in November.

“The DNC revealed over the weekend that 3,562 delegates voted to approve the platform, while a total of 1,069 voted no, and 87 abstained,” Fox News reported. “The number of convention delegates who voted no is roughly the same as the number of delegates pledged to progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.”

They say progressive, we know they mean extreme leftist, ultra-progressive, and socialist. They’re slightly different.

It would make sense, too. Bernie Sanders voters are not happy that the Democratic establishment teamed up to stop them when they almost took the nomination in 2016, and they’re angry it happened a second time this year too. Remember when Senator Elizabeth Warren and others dropped out of the race right before several key primaries? That’s the only reason Biden won!

The sheer number of people voting against their platform should give the Democrats reason to stop and think about what they’re doing, but of course, they won’t. The party platform is already extreme – promising to end fracking in states that rely heavily on the industry, endorsing the insane Green New Deal, and standing with the radical Marxists in Black Lives Matter – and any further shift left will make it absolutely impossible to even pretend to be moderate.

This election will be decided on whether or not the voters believe Biden is a moderate. And let’s face it, most people don’t believe that – nor do they have good reason to.