Pat Toomey Tries To Sabotage Trump For 2024

( The benefit of not running for reelection is you no longer care how much you might piss off your voter base. Like a disgruntled employee who, after being fired, tells the boss exactly what he thinks of him, outgoing Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) is burning every bridge on his way out the door.

In an interview with CNBC last Friday, Toomey said that he thinks the future of the Republican Party is to be the “party of ideas” rather than the party about any one individual. With that in mind, Toomey said that given Donald Trump’s unacceptable behavior after the 2020 election, he doesn’t think Trump should be the nominee to “lead the party in 2024.”

Toomey’s conclusion is based on a ridiculous strawman. His assumption that Republican voters only care about Trump is narrow minded and silly.

It is also silly to claim that the Republican Party should become “the party of ideas.”

This is RINO-speak for “Let’s not make any waves or fight back; instead, let’s just have ideas!”

The Left is a clear and present danger to the very foundation of this country. It seeks to undermine and destroy every institution – both inside the government and outside.

Republicans need to fight back, not witter on about “ideas.”

The base supported Donald Trump because he fought back. It is also the reason the Republican base is so supportive of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The only one here making this about Trump is Pat Toomey.

Toomey’s complaint is that Trump “departed from Republican orthodoxy and conservative orthodoxy.” Yes, the “orthodoxy” that did nothing to stop the onward march of the Marxist Left; that sold out to China and shipped American jobs overseas; that embraced Amnesty for illegals; and surrendered to the Democrats at the first sign of negative press.

The Toomey brand of Republicanism stabbed Republican voters in the back.

It isn’t Donald Trump that Toomey is betraying; it is Republican voters.

But instead of offering an ounce of self-reflection, Toomey would rather accuse those Republican voters he betrayed of being nothing more than a cult of personality.

Good riddance, Pat.