Paul Pelosi Attacker’s NUTTY Habit Comes Out

Former CIA Officer Speaks Out On Paul Pelosi Attacker

( – Syndicated radio host Buck Sexton blasted the American corporate media’s coverage of the attack and subsequent arrest of Paul Pelosi’s attacker David DePape.

Appearing on the Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” last week, Sexton responded to several clips Watters played showing the media’s attempts to link DePape to the Republican Party despite DePape being a mentally ill, drug-addicted hippie from Berkeley.

Sexton told Watters that if the circumstances were different and the media wasn’t using Paul Pelosi’s attack to smear the Republican Party and help push the Democrat Party narrative, the media would be reporting that DePape is likely a schizophrenic with “major, major mental health issues.”

Sexton said the media’s attempt at driving the narrative by linking DePape to Republicans must have served its purpose since many people now believe that DePape was a right-wing extremist.

Sexton pointed out that, rather than being a right-winger, he is just another patron of the “Crazytown Buffet.” He cited the interview the New York Times did with DePape’s girlfriend in which she said they attended nudist protests and anti-war rallies together.

Watters added that DePape was a member of the Green Party in California.

Sexton noted that his girlfriend had said DePape was telling people he was Jesus and believed he was living in a simulation.

At the same time, Sexton observed, the New York Times report barely mentioned DePape’s mental illness. The only mention of it in the article came from DePape’s attorney.

Watters added that DePape reportedly tried to converse with squirrels when he was working construction jobs.

Sexton said that the media often downplays political violence when it is committed by someone on the left.

Watch Buck Sexton on “Jesse Watters Primetime” HERE.

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