Pelosi Is Returning To D.C. To Push Her Agenda

( After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was shot down by moderates in her party who refused to side with her on passing the upcoming $3.5 trillion social spending bill through budget reconciliation, and who refused to vote for the $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill if she attempted to tie it to the social spending bill, the House of Representatives is set to return to Washington this week and bash out more of the details.

Pelosi is preparing to move a procedural vote to move forward on several ultra-partisan Democrat priorities, including the two aforementioned bills. She is then expected to work with the Senate in passing a budget resolution, which is the first step to approving the massive, unprecedented spending plan without consulting the Republicans or requiring their vote.

If the Democrats think the spending is so necessary, then why do they need to bypass Republicans to pass it?

If it was so necessary, wouldn’t Republicans be on board, too?

If Pelosi gets her way – and if moderate Democrats fall in line and support her – she will get both bills passed.

She plans to tie the two together in order to keep far-left extremists in her party on board with the trimmed-down $1 trillion infrastructure plan, and the centrists and moderates in line with the $3.5 trillion plan.

This Monday, however, the nine centrist House Democrats who first called Nancy Pelosi out on the plan reiterated their belief that the chamber should be made to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill before the social spending bill moves forward – and it’s unclear how Pelosi will get around that.

Writing to her caucus this week, Pelosi said that when the House returns on the 23rd, it’s “essential that we pass the budget resolution” so that they can move forward in a “united” way, supporting President Biden’s “transformative vision.”

“Transformations” aren’t always positive. She knows that, right?

Let’s hope those moderate Democrats hold Pelosi’s feet to the fire and refuse to work with her on passing this dangerous, partisan legislation.