Pelosi Now Claims She Wants Congressional Staffers To Unionize

( Some congressional staffers, whose salaries are paid by the American taxpayers, have spent more than a year trying to unionize. And last Thursday, they got the “full support” of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill tweeted on Thursday that Congressional staffers have the “right” to organize and join a union. And if they do so, “they would have Speaker Pelosi’s full support.”

Hammill was “clarifying” Nancy Pelosi’s position after she failed to flat-out say if she supported the move when asked about it during her weekly press conference earlier in the day.

Latino Rebels reporter Pablo Manríquez had asked Pelosi if she supported staffers’ attempts to unionize. Rather than give a yes or no answer, Pelosi simply said the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staffers unionized and she supported that.

With Hammell’s “full support” tweet behind them, on Friday, the group of Congressional staffers announced an official organizing drive to unionize.

The Congressional Workers Union released a statement capitalizing on Pelosi’s support to announce their efforts “to unionize the personal offices and committees of Congress.” The group added the usual socialist shout-out to “fellow workers across the United States and the world.”

While not technically a union, the Congressional Workers Union is a group of (BIG surprise) Democrat staffers who have been spending the last year investigating their “workers’ rights” on Capitol Hill. According to an unnamed “spokesperson,” the group’s membership is in the double-digits.

But considering ten is a double-digit, that’s not saying much.

In its statement, the Congressional Workers Union said it looks “forward to meeting management at the table.”

But the people who pay their wages and benefits, the American taxpayers, won’t be at the table, will they? How can they have a “right” to unionize when the people paying them don’t a “right” to a seat at the table?

Congress isn’t a sweatshop. It isn’t an assembly line.

If these guys don’t like the pay on Capitol Hill, they are free to get jobs elsewhere.