Pelosi Responds After Getting Caught “Elbowing” Child

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke out about the viral video showing her to elbow Mayra Flores’s daughter. The new Texas representative who won her special election was at her swearing-in ceremony when Pelosi allegedly elbowed her young daughter to push her away.

The speaker’s office denies that she pushed her out of malice, but that she did not want the young girl to be hidden in all of the photos. “It’s sad to see ‘news outlets’ that know better misrepresent the Speaker’s effort to ensure Rep. Flores’ daughters wouldn’t be hidden behind her in all of the photos of such an important moment for their family,” Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff tweeted.

Pelosi’s office tried mitigating the damage but posting other videos of the speaker speaking to Flores’ daughter and telling her about the room they were in. Flores tweeted that she was proud of her daughter for standing her ground, adding that no one should push a child for a photo op.

Rep. Flores is the first Mexican-born congresswomen to take office. Her election is particularly notable because she won the 35th congressional district that has been deep blue for over a hundred years. Southern Texas is predominantly blue, however Hispanics have been leaning more to the right. In the 2020 election, former President Trump picked up more Hispanics than he had previously.

Hispanics are now evenly split between the two parties, showing a shrinking discrepancy between them, according to a Wall Street Journal survey released in December 2021.

Flores is a Trump-endorsed candidate, representing a growing trend of Trump-endorsed politicians making larger ripples in elections. Because Flores is Hispanic, however, there are concerns that Texas’ deep blue south is on the verge of turning red. Two additional women are running alongside Flores in the state, Republicans Monica De La Cruz and Cassy Garcia. Senator Ted Cruz believes that they will also pick up the historically Democratic areas.

Democrats have relied on demography to secure their political majority, taking for granted Mexican votes, which is why Flores’ election indicates that there might be a changing tide.