Pelosi Says Allowing Taxpayer Funded Abortion Is “Right Thing To Do”

( Controversial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said repealing the Hyde Amendment and allowing for the federal funding of abortion is the “right thing to do,” while also claiming to be a “devout Catholic.”

Both the president and the speaker of the House pull the same schtick…and the American people don’t buy it.

On Thursday, Pelosi was asked about the possibility of repealing the Hyde Amendment after the House Appropriations Committee passed a new funding bill that didn’t include the Hyde Amendment. Republicans amended the bill to include the language of the Hyde Amendment but it was quickly rejected by committee Democrats.

“It passed in committee,” Pelosi said about the bill and said that she and her Congressional Democrat colleagues believe it is the right thing to do. She added that it’s something many Democrats have been concerned about for a long time, and wrongly described it as an “issue of health.”

An issue of health of the mother, or an issue of health of the baby? She didn’t make that clear…

Despite claiming to be a devout Catholic, Pelosi is promoting precisely the opposite of what the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has called on legislators to do – namely, to maintain the Hyde Amendment I the appropriations bill before it passes out of the committee stage.

If the Democrats ultimately succeed in passing the bill with the Democrats’ slim majority in the House and the technical majority in the Senate, then it will be the first time since 1976 that a federal budget bill did not include the Hyde Amendment…and it could ultimately pave the way for federal funding of abortions.

Some Catholic, huh?