Pelosi Says Your Vote Will Impact Your Life And Not Your Religion

( — Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken a swipe at voters and their beliefs by urging them not to vote on the basis of their religion but on the impact politics has on their lives. When reminded that she also professes to be religious, Pelosi replied by quoting John F. Kennedy who said, “It’s not important what religion I believe in. What’s important is what America I believe in.” She also lashed out at Trump supporters and suggested that he had only won people over because the economy was weak. “I think some of them are racist and bigots, but I think many of them are very patriotic,” she added.

Pelosi became involved in a war of words recently with the Archbishop in San Francisco who had refused her communion. Last May, the California Rep. received a letter from San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone telling her she had to repudiate her support for abortion rights or no longer publicly declare herself to be a Catholic. He also said she could not receive Holy Communion until she did so. Catholics for Choice, a group that supports abortion rights, took issue with the Archbishop’s letter and accused him of an abuse of power that is opposed by the vast majority of Catholics.

More recently, in early April, Pelosi was questioned on the tensions at an event at Georgetown University’s Center on Faith and Justice. When asked about being refused communion by Archbishop Cordileone, Pelosi replied, “that’s his problem, not mine.” She added that Cordileone had been a fierce campaigner against LGBT rights and that he had been instrumental in the adoption of California’s Proposition 8. This legislation banned gay marriage in the Golden State and amended the constitution to say marriage could only exist between a man and a woman. It was later ruled unconstitutional. In 2015, the US Supreme Court declared all attempts to ban gay marriage to be incompatible with the constitution.

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