Pelosi Wants Media To Blacklist Donald Trump

( — Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi has said that the media should stop giving a platform to former US President and current Presidential candidate Donald Trump. She called Mr. Trump a “very sick person” and said the country spends too much time talking about him. She once again blamed the former President for the events of January 6th, 2021, and said he was responsible for trying to destroy “the pillar of democracy to the world.”

Former House Speaker Pelosi has increased her attacks on Donald Trump in recent weeks, though she has never been a fan of his. In late March, in the wake of his indictment by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Pelosi stoked a ferocious backlash by suggesting that President Trump now had the opportunity to “prove his innocence.” She was instantly slammed by Republicans who reminded her that in the United States, a person does not have to prove innocence, but prosecutors have to prove guilt because, under our laws, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Among those who responded was Senator Ted Cruz who said Pelosi was making a mockery of the American justice system. Senator Josh Hawley reminded the Democrat that this is the United States, not Stalinist Russia.

Pelosi has previously made her contempt for Trump even clearer when she said she would go to jail for the chance to punch him. “I’m going to punch him out. And I’m going to go to jail, and I’m going to be happy,” she said in video footage shot by her daughter on the day of the riots on Capitol Hill. She later said she had no regrets and stood by those remarks.

The Californian was Speaker of the House of Representatives on both occasions that Trump was impeached. When she stepped down from the Speaker’s chair, she praised Presidents Obama, Biden, and Bush, but did not mention Trump. She refuses to use the former President’s name and has repeatedly referred to him as “what’s-his-name.”

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