Pelosi Wants To BAN Lawmakers From Meetings If They Don’t Wear A Mask

( Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, one of the most ardent anti-Trump voices in Congress and a political leader who has demonstrated her willingness to refuse to work with her Republican colleagues, this week requested that members be banned from committee meetings if they don’t wear masks.

The Hill reporters that guidance from attending physician Brian Monahan was requested from Speaker Pelosi, which resulted in a memo describing the effectiveness of masks. The memo also said that the masks should be required for meetings in a committee hearing room that take longer than 15 minutes – begging the question…if they’re not necessary for the first 15 minutes, then why for meetings that take longer?

A senior aide from the Democratic Party told The Hill that the new rule “will be enforced by the Sergeant at Arms and noncompliant members will be denied entry.” The aide said that lawmakers would, however, be welcome to attend the hearings virtually instead.

The new rule enforcement from Speaker Pelosi comes after her repeated attacks on President Donald Trump for not wearing a mask, and for deciding to continue his wildly popular MAGA campaign rallies. At a time when Joe Biden, who is barely seen by the public, is winning in the polls because of Trump’s lack of visibility, it is perhaps not surprising that Pelosi wouldn’t want the president to get his campaign rallies moving again.

Despite hundreds of thousands of Democrats taking to the streets to protest, riot, and even burn down buildings and churches in the last several weeks, Pelosi still seems to think Trump is the one in the wrong.

“I have three words to say to the president on that: science, science, and science,” she said during an interview on MSNBC. “Science to not gather people in large numbers, in proximity, without masks.”

Perhaps Pelosi’s use of the words “without masks” is the get out clause she needs to cover herself if a journalist actually has the guts to ask whether she thinks the riots are wrong. Would Pelosi dare to criticize her voters and supporters who have taken to the streets to destroy American cities (and even occupy Seattle!)?