Pelosi Will Allow GOP Subpoena Power During January 6th Commission

( Far-left Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was forced to backtrack on her plans to introduce a 9/11-style commission to investigate the January 6 riots with a panel made up mostly of Democrats. After sources close to Pelosi revealed to the press that she was planning a new commission with an equal distribution of Republican and Democratic, new reports have revealed that she will also offer Republicans equal subpoena power.

It means that Republicans, should they for some reason decide to agree to form the commission, will have more power to subpoena and investigate the real story behind the riots – but it also suggests that Speaker Pelosi might still have more tricks up her sleeve.

Following the January 6 riots, which were attended by far-left and far-right activists alike, Pelosi and other high-profile Democrats immediately pointed the finger at former President Donald Trump and used the violence in a second impeachment trial. It was an effort to stop President Trump from being able to run for office for a second time, and one that ultimately failed.

Pelosi then proposed a 9/11-style commission but didn’t win much support from Republicans.

Establishment Republican Minority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, however, appears to be on board with the plan and has insisted that Republicans have equal representation and power.

What is he thinking?

“This time however Speaker Pelosi started by proposing a commission that would be partisan by design—seven appointments for Democrats, just four for Republicans,” McConnell said. “The 9/11 Commission also built consensus by requiring bipartisan support for subpoenas. The speaker’s bill would vest subpoena power in one appointee chosen by the Democrats.”

Now that the Republicans’ two previous objections have been addressed, Pelosi told the press on Thursday that the last thing to decide about the commission would be the scope.

“We still don’t know where they will be on scope,” she said.

Pelosi, who will no doubt see the commission as a new opportunity to point the finger at Republicans and former President Donald Trump, disingenuously claimed that it’s “not about investigating one thing or another that they may want to draw into this.”

Meaning that she doesn’t want the investigation to do anything other than target Republicans.

“And again, if the price of the confidence that the public would have in this is to make it a little harder to get some things done, so be it, but we have to agree on the scope,” she added.

Wouldn’t Republicans be mad to agree to this?