Pentagon Attacker Had Abusive History With Neighbors

( You may recall the recent sad news that a Pentagon police officer was stabbed before shooting himself with the officer’s gun outside of the Pentagon building. Well, more information about the tragic incident has been released, and it turns out that the attacker was reportedly targeting a couple that lived next door to him.

The attacker was identified as 27-year-old Austin Lanz. He fatally killed a police officer on a bus platform outside of the Pentagon on August 3. He is also understood to have engaged in a disturbing harassment campaign against his innocent neighbors, Eliza Well and Phillip Brent.

His neighbors, who were previously engaged to be married but ultimately called it off, spoke out about the attacker in an interview with The Washington Post. They revealed how he had left disturbing notes in their mailbox, and that they sometimes contained pornographic material.

When they contacted the police about the harassment from their neighbor, they were told that very little could be done. Instead of taking action, the police suggested that the couple install surveillance cameras around their home.

On August 3, Lanz is understood to have gotten off of a bus at 10:40am at the Pentagon Transit Center, where he immediately lunged at Officer George Gonzalez without any provocation. He stabbed him with a knife, leaving him with multiple injuries that later killed the officer. He then took the officer’s gun and shot himself.

Still, nobody knows why the man did this.

During the Washington Post interview, Brent also revealed how in July last year, he woke up one morning to find an empty apple juice bottle left outside of his garage containing a cigarette. Confused, he checked his home’s surveillance footage and saw Lanz placing the bottle there.

He was also once caught on camera attaching a large sign to their front door.

While the motive is unclear, it suggests that more needs to be done for the law to catch up to people who engage in this kind of disturbing behavior.

Could the authorities have stopped this horrific murder if they had taken action sooner?