Pentagon Says 90% Of Troops Are Gone From Afghanistan

( The Pentagon has confirmed that President Donald Trump’s work over the last four years to gradually withdraw American troops from Afghanistan is finally proving fruitful, with some 90% of America’s troops now officially withdrawn from Afghanistan and America’s longest-running war.

President Joe Biden famously delayed the full withdrawal of American troops to September 11, 2021, to create some kind of symbolic celebration that might help him go down in history as the nation that brought the soldiers home some 20 years after the tragic 9/11 attack in New York and Washington, D.C.

President Donald Trump had planned to fully withdraw all troops by early summer.

The United States Central Command announced last week that over 17,000 pieces of military equipment had been removed from the U.S. military bases in Afghanistan, and seven facilities have been handed over to Afghan forces.

It’s a move that President Donald Trump and his populist conservative movement long advocated for, and one that Democrats have famously opposed. But now that the war is coming to an end, and President Biden is capitalizing on the deal former President Trump negotiated with the Taliban, the Democrats are celebrating that Biden is the one that – by chance – got to pull the trigger.

However, President Joe Biden has a new problem to deal with, and that’s the recent encroachment by the Taliban into Afghan territory. With Afghan military personnel fleeing to Tajikistan, it looks like the United States could have a problem…and Biden might need to re-deploy or risk instability to save face.

Following Biden’s withdrawal from the Bagram airbase, looters ransacked the place and took advantage of $2.5 million worth of equipment abruptly abandoned by the U.S. military under Biden’s orders.

Trust Joe Biden to mess up one of the most important decisions in modern American history.