Planned Parenthood Hires Top CBS Official To Lead Operations

( Planned Parenthood has hired a former CBS News reporter who covered abortion topics for the network for a new position. She is the organization’s first senior director of news content.

According to Kate Smith’s announcement on Twitter on Monday, she is excited to be joining Planned Parenthood full-time to work on this exciting new initiative.

While working as a supposed “neutral correspondent” for CBS News, pro-life and conservative organizations and individuals have called attention to Smith’s past promotion of the pro-abortion agenda.

An article by Alexandra Marr, a reporter for National Review who covers abortion issues, was shared on social media. She described Smith as someone who pretenses to be a neutral reporter, smuggling her pro-abortion views into her work and sacrificing her objectivity for scoops from prominent abortion-rights groups.

Marr described Smith as an advocate for abortion rights who uses her position at CBS to further the ideas of the country’s most extreme abortion-rights campaigners as she pretends she isn’t doing that.

She’s been referred to as “Planned Parenthood’s envoy at CBS.”

Marr says her articles are written in the style of press releases from the nation’s most potent abortion-rights advocacy organizations. She described her as posing as a reporter while constructing pieces that more closely resemble propaganda.

The writer stated in her essay that the time spent flacking abortion advocacy will have prepared her well for her new post. They obviously recruited her since she did an excellent job assisting the abortion rights campaign.

Tim Graham of Newsbusters said it was the “least surprising ‘Revolving Door’ move ever.”

Erick Erickson, the conservative writer, said that he could remember getting notes from several reporters upset with him after saying Kate Smith had been nothing but a propagandist for the abortion industry at CBS. The appointment to Planned Parenthood, perhaps, vindicates him.

“From doing abortion propaganda for @CBSNews to doing abortion propaganda for the top Abortion chain…is this what you aspired to do when you were a little girl?” pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha quipped.