Police Called On Mother For Objecting To Controversial Poster

(PatriotWise.com) — A senior member of the US military reported a young mother to the police for complaining about inappropriate adult content aimed at her children. Angela Reading, of New Jersey, is a mother of two and a member of the Northern Burlington Board of Education. Last December, she complained on social media about an elementary school teaching about so-called “polysexuality” and had her post reported to police by Lt. Col. Christopher Schilling citing “safety concerns.” Reading said there was a poster promoting the concept at the entrance to her 7-year-old child’s school.

Polysexuality refers to a person who is intimately attracted to “all genders” including men, women, and transgendered people.

Reading said the posters were “perverse” and argued that her children should not be exposed to such content. In response, Lt. Col. Schilling stated that he would work with law enforcement to “monitor the situation” with the aim of ensuring the safety of the entire community.

The mother said she was frightened by the response and shocked that the military could intervene and attempt to suppress her freedom to express concerns about her children’s education. She has now filed a lawsuit with the US District Court for the District of New Jersey saying her civil rights have been violated. She further claims that she was unjustly treated as a security threat.

The indoctrination of children into radical left-wing views on gender is increasing rapidly in educational institutions throughout the United States. Some schools are reportedly including lessons delivered by a non-profit group called Gender Spectrum. The group has been telling children, as a matter of fact, that gender is “non-binary” and that there are several categories of gender that people, including children, can choose to identify as. It also recommends keeping parents in the dark about a child’s chosen “identity.” The organization even believes that parents who do not “affirm” a child’s gender identity should be denied access to the child in cases of divorce or separation.

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