[POLL] Comprehensive Cognitive Testing for Presidents

Do you think the President of the United States should be subject to annual cognitive testing? 

President Joe Biden leaves his constituents questioning his mental faculties on more occasions than many are comfortable with. While it’s safe to say some of his flubs are due to his documented speech impediment, many of his public faux pas have involve questionable statements and inaccurate statements that have left members of Congress, as well as the American people, scratching their heads.

There are three main levels of cognitive testing:

  • A Mini-Cog is a very simple exam where participants are typically asked to draw a traditional clock and remember a short list of three words.
  • A Mini-Mental State Exam, known as the MMSE, typically involves answering a short list of questions (like the current President and the time of day), a small counting task, and tasks that involve identifying incredibly common objects the average person should absolutely know.
  • The Montreal Cognitive Assessment, or MoCA, is slightly longer. It can include any of the above, but also involves memorizing a longer list of words, drawing simple objects and shapes, and identifying objects in photographs (like animals).

These tests are designed to gauge a person’s mental functions, ability to recall facts, and to assess both language and memory skills.

There are, of course, more complex testing protocols that can be used as well — especially of someone is exhibiting significant symptoms.

Given what we know, should the President of the United States be required to undergo complex memory assessment screenings annually?


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