Poll: Many More Americans See China as Threat Than Russia

(PatriotWise.com)- While Americans’ overall opinions of Russia have certainly become more negative in recent years, a new poll suggests that a majority of Americans still consider China to be a greater threat than Russia.

A poll commissioned by the Wall Street Journal and performed by Impact Research asked 1,500 registred American voters who they consider to be a greater threat to the United States. The poll was performed between March 2 and 7, after the invasion of Ukraine began, and still found that the majority believe America needs to do more about China’s influence and the danger it poses to the West.

52% of respondents said China was the biggest threat to national security, and some 73 said that China poses the biggest threat to the American economy. Only 32% said Russia was a greater national security threat, and a tiny 14% said that Russia was a bigger threat to the American economy.

The pollsters also asked people whether they were closely watching what was happening in Ukraine, with 89% saying that they regularly tune in to the news to learn what is happening in the eastern European country. 54% said they were following “very closely” while 35% said that they are following “somewhat closely.”

Most respondents also said that they believe the United States should be doing more to help Ukraine. 46% said that President Joe Biden hasn’t done enough to help, and 35% said that the sanctions so far – including sanctions on Russian oil and energy – were the appropriate response.

55% also said that the United States needs to send more weapons to Ukraine, and 55% also said that more sanctions need to be placed on Russia.

At this stage, though, it’s hard to know what additional sanctions could be placed on Russia.

See more of the poll’s results here.