Poll Proves Trump Right, People Tuning Out Of NBA Over Far-Left Politics

(FreedomJournal.org)- Remember when President Donald Trump said that people weren’t interested in the far-left politics of the NBA, and speculated that was the reason why the ratings were taking? Well, he was right.

A Harris Poll released this week shows that some 38% of basketball fans were tuning out of the games this season because the sport is becoming “too political.” It comes as players repeatedly kneel during the national anthem and wear Black Lives Matter tee shirts.

The poll shows that fans who identify as Republicans are much more likely to tune out of the games, which is probably to be expected. NBA players and those in charge of the games, however, probably would have realized earlier on that conservatives like to watch sports too. Some 57% of Republicans said the NBA was now too political, and a still significant 22% of Democrats said the same.

Harris Poll even acknowledged in their report this week that their data “backs Trump’s critique of the NBA.”


“A new Harris Poll backs Trump’s critique of the NVA, with 39% of sports fans saying they are watching fewer games,” Harris Poll reported.

Harris also reported that the poll found the NBA is more partisan than any other sports in America. The data shows that 34% of Republicans “actively follow” the NBA, while 48% of Democrats do the same. It’s a percentage gap of 14 points and is the largest of any sport, Harris Poll acknowledges. The report compared the number to the National Football League, which 54% of Democrats follow and 51% of Republicans follow.

Interestingly, China had a role to play in this too. The poll found that the basketball league’s ties to China proved another turn off for Republican fans, with 36% of Republicans citing the connection to the communist country as a reason for watching fewer games. Remarkably, only 8% of Democrats seemed to be concerned about connections with China.

Regardless, what it means is that when Americans tune in to watch sports, they expect sports. The more political a game becomes, the data shows, the less interested people are in watching those games. Perhaps the NBA should now listen.