Poll Shows MAJORITY Of Americans Support Restrictions On Abortion

(FreedomJournal.org)- The Democrats would have you believe that it’s a fringe idea to support restriction on abortion, or even oppose abortion completely, but the data keeps on showing that isn’t true. A brand new poll from CBS published on Monday showed how 55% of Americans believe that abortion should either be banned completely, or have restrictions in place to ensure it isn’t used too widely.

The poll, which was conducted over telephone and surveyed some 1,309 Americans nationally, was designed to be as politically balanced as possible. Pollsters asked 524 independents, 454 Democrats, and 331 Republicans. The fact that Republicans were the smallest minority in the poll suggests that the majority may even be larger if they had questioned equal numbers of liberals and conservatives.

Results showed that 43% of respondents believe that people should have general access to abortions, some 55% said it should be at least restricted. Some 31% of respondents said that abortion should be made available “under limits” and 24% said it should not be available at all.

Looking at results according to party allegiance, 20% of Republicans said that they believe abortion should be generally available. This represents the strain of the party that is more socially liberal but fiscally conservative – a section of the party that may well continue to grow as the Democrats adopt more socialist policies. 35% of Republicans supported a total ban, and only 12% of Democrats supported the same ban. Of the independents, 27% of people said abortion shouldn’t be available at all.

In total, 79% of Republicans suggested abortions should be either banned or restricted, and so did 58% of independents and 33% of Democrats.

Imagine that – one-third of Democrats believe in some restrictions to abortion! Far-left aggressors in the party might have you believe they are united entirely around their “pro-choice” policy.

CBS said that the polls were conducted in both Spanish and English and that the data was purposely weighted “to reflect U.S. Census figures on demographic variables.” That would explain why fewer Republicans were questioned than Democrats and independents.

Another poll, released by Marist in January, showed that a majority of Americans reject the 1973 ruling, Roe v. Wade, that gives people a right to access abortion.