Polls Show Trump Leading BIG LEAGUE In Pennsylvania as Biden Drops In Popularity

(FreedomJournal.org)- Pennsylvania is a key swing state in presidential elections, and if new polls are anything to go by, it looks like President Donald Trump is set to win the state once again come November. The president is leading presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden by a substantial amount, as Biden continues to slip in the polls.

The latest survey, which was taken between May 9 and 13 and funded by Restoration PAC, asked 600 likely voters in the state who they would vote for. It showed that 50.2% supported President Trump, while 45.5% were considering voting for Biden. It may not seem like much, but those five percentage points mean a lot in such a large state…and it’s also a jump of 4.7% over the last survey.

That means Joe Biden is becoming less popular in this key, swing state the more he appears in the media. The more he appears, the more Biden turns voters off.

According to Doug Truax, the president and founder of Restoration PAC, said that the increase in support for Trump may also be connected to the backlash against the Democratic governor’s extreme lockdown measures. Governor Tom Wolf is still stopping many counties across the state from being able to get their economies moving again, stopping stores from opening and leaving people trapped at home and unable to make money.

“Definitely seemed to be some backlash in Pennsylvania against the virus shutdown orders and a confidence that President Trump can resurrect the economy,” Truax said.

The poll above, however, does suggest that Biden is leading Trump in Wisconsin and Michigan by some similarly large numbers. In 2016, President Trump surprised the media by beating Hillary Clinton in all three states, defying everything the polls suggested.

What could it mean? Well, it could mean that the polls are wrong again and that President Trump could lose Pennsylvania. It could also mean that Trump wins Pennsylvania, but by an even bigger margin, and that the Michigan and Wisconsin polls are incorrect.

We won’t know until election day!