Pollster Frank Luntz Says Vaccine Issues Has Become Political “Chasm”

(PatriotWise.com)- The divide in the United States on the COVID-19 vaccine is more defined than ever, and it’s in part thanks to President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ politicization of the inoculation.

Top pollster Frank Luntz, who has spent months talking to parents about the response to the vaccine and the expected return to school for children all over the country, revealed on Monday that resistance to taking the vaccine isn’t just a divide…but a “chasm.”

Speaking to “Squawk Box” on CNBC, Luntz said that it’s clear whether or not somebody is vaccinated by simply asking who they voted for, and what they consider their political ideology to be.

He said that it “should not be this way.”

And come to think of it…maybe he’s right.

The vaccine was developed thanks to former President Donald Trump’s historic response to the virus, bringing the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies together and providing funding via Operation Warp Speed to make the development happen more quickly. Former President Trump, who survived the virus, even took the vaccine himself.

And yet, the Democrats have done such a terrible job in dealing with the pandemic since Biden took the White House, and used the vaccine and mask mandates as a stick to beat Republicans with, that the vaccine has become one of the most hotly debated issues in the country.

Luntz suggested that the divide on the vaccine could result in problems with children returning to school in the fall and that it could affect the economy – but that’s where he’s wrong.

The only thing that can affect the economy is more lockdown measures implemented by the Democrats, and the only thing that will get in the way of children going back to school is mask mandates and further COVID-related restrictions put in place by local governments.

Maybe Luntz is right about the vaccine divide becoming a chasm…but what happened to personal choice?

Why can’t people make their own decisions about their bodies?