Pope Francis To Be Discharged From Hospital

(PatriotWise.com) — Pope Francis was discharged from the hospital last Friday after undergoing surgery to repair an abdominal hernia, according to Newsmax. The 86-year-old pontiff has been warding off rumors that his health has been deteriorating, but concerns renewed after the latest issue.

Dr. Sergio Alfieri said that surgery was needed because the pope was experiencing pain but added that no pathologies or illnesses were found during the visit. The surgery is called a laparotomy and involved general anesthesia. Before the procedure, Vatican spokesperson Matteo Bruni said that Francis was expected to make a “full functional recovery.”

The surgery comes after a string of issues the pontiff has faced. In May, he had to cancel previous commitments after he caught a fever. After contracting bronchitis in March, he was hospitalized but responded well to antibiotics, according to CNN.

After leaving Rome’s Gemelli hospital in April, Francis joked with reporters that he was “still alive.” While he was being treated, Francis reportedly met the sick children at the hospital and afterward went to Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore to pray for them. He also embraced a couple who had lost their daughter.

Francis has reportedly been seen walking with a cane or sometimes using a wheelchair because of his bad right knee. His knee was particularly trouble for the pontiff who had to cancel his trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan last year. He managed to make it up and visit the countries in February. When he was a young pontiff, Francis reportedly had pneumonia and had to get a portion of his lung extracted.

He also had to remove a part of his colon in 2021 after suffering from diverticulitis, a condition that causes inflammation or infection of the colon.

Supporters of the pope were reportedly praying for Francis as he entered the hospital.

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