Portland Mayor Admits Defeat, Asks Feds to Help Control Extremist Rioters

(FreedomJournal.org)- Democratic Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, admitted defeat on Monday and finally requested a meeting with the feds to help control the violent left-wing riots in his city. Wheeler strayed from the pledge he made back on July 16 not to work with representatives of the federal government or the Department of Homeland Security, amid ongoing riots, destruction, and violence in his city.

The Department of Homeland Security recently deployed federal officers to Portland to stop violent extremists from destroying and burning down the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse.

Earlier this month, Wheeler scoffed at the idea of the feds coming in to stop the violence.

“A number of people have asked if I know DHS leadership is in town, and if I’m going to meet with them,” he said. “We’re aware that they’re here. We wish they weren’t. We haven’t been invited to meet with them, and if we were, we would decline.”

I guess it turns out that you can’t capitulate to violent mobs after all!

On Monday, Wheeler announced on Twitter that he and the POortland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty were demanding an immediate meeting with the leadership of the Department of Homeland Security.

Wheeler asked for the help of the federal agents in a round-about way, attempting to blame them for escalating the violence by calling for a “cease-fire.”

A cease-fire is a term used in war, where two warring sides agree to drop their weapons and stop fighting. Did Wheeler forget that these riots existed before the feds came in? The people doing the fighting at the far-left extremists who will vote for Joe Biden in November.

Even if Wheeler knows this, it’s unlikely he’ll admit it given that he joined the rioters last week. Wheeler joined protests outside the courthouse, which is now under constant attack and requires protection from federal agents.